To the Kilburn Football and Cricket Club Community

To the Kilburn Football and Cricket Club Community – you have all been aware of the recent challenges faced by our club. It has been and remains a serious challenge to our survival. I can tell you first hand that the current board and the sub-committee have been working tirelessly to save our great club. A lot of what has been achieved has largely been due to the fantastic response from our sponsors, life members and new financial members . You have given the KFCC life when we had little hope.

However! – we need a final effort. On Tuesday night the Port Adelaide Enfield council will vote on the future of our club. This is the final hurrah. Dale Agius who has done a terrific job as our President will represent us and answer questions from council. It is clear that we have ticked a lot of the boxes required by council, and this will be explained to them, but we need you, our members, to show moral support by turning up in droves in your Kilburn gear. This is not to be loud and rowdy, but to show council how important this is, not only to the club and the community, but to all the past players / members .

Please make every effort to attend if you can. Wear your KFCC gear with pride and stand with your head held high. The meeting is 7pm sharp at the City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council Chambers

62 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide SA 5015

Don’t be late or you won’t get in to the gallery (give yourself time to park)

So that we get an idea of expected attendance, please reply with thumbs up if you can attend. (please feel free to share)


Rick Fox